Why it’s time to say No China Products?

India has been a friendly Nation from ancient times and always did what is good for the world. It always believed in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which means the whole world is one family. It always focused on Peace and Prosperity with every nation in the world. In the history, it neither initiated a war, nor it attacked on any country ‘at first’. But, when somebody attacked on its heritage, it never stopped from giving a befitting reply.

On the night of 15th June 2020, China attacked Indian Soldiers at Ladakh in which 20 soldiers were martyred. The nation is in deep grief and is very much angry against China.

Coronavirus has put the entire world in danger. People are dying. The economy is collapsing. The world is focused on finding a solution to the health crisis. But, even in this situation, China is getting more political and attacking many of its neighboring countries, including India. Why? It is time for the world to unitedly stand against China for this cheap politics.

What should Indians do now?

When it comes to attacking on Patriotism/ Nationalism Indians never tolerate. Indians will definitely reply.

There is a saying:

We should hurt them where they feel the pain.

For, China, it’s GDP. Yes. So, it’s not Bullet Power, It’s Wallet Power that counts, as said by Sonam Wangchuk. If you are thinking what Indians can do in this regard, the answer is Indians have to Boycott Chinese products ‘wisely’.

The reason is not only for the sake of boycotting China, but also to help the Indian people whose business is affected due to Coronavirus. Boycotting Chinese products also means purchasing the alternative. And if the alternative product is Indian made, isn’t it good?

Just think, if people purchase a product manufactured by you over some other Chinese one 😍 What if the alternative is not an Indian made? Still go for that alternative, as we can no longer support them for killing our soldiers 😡!!!

So, if you start purchasing non-Chinese products, either you are promoting our Indian products or you are purely boycotting Chinese products. In both the way it is good for us. So, If you are buying an Indian made, it is in line with our Prime Minister Modi’s call for the Nation: ‘Be Vocal for Local‘ and ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat‘; which means ‘Self Reliant India‘.

Is Boycotting Cheaper Chinese Products a wise step?

But, they say that Chinese goods are cheaper and India currently cannot produce equally competitively priced products. Yes, it’s true. So, if Indians pay extra for the local made non Chinese product, are they ‘wise‘? Answer is Yes, Indians are wiser than anyone when it comes to money.

Today if we import more, thinking that Chinese product is cheaper, our currency value will gradually degrade. This again will backfires us eventually in future, as our lower currency value will make us to pay more for the same product. It is always better to be independent than being dependent on an enemy.

We need to start at some point to focus on Indian products and be independent. This is a perfect time. Not just for the sake of boycotting any country, but to stand on our own feet and be Self Reliant.

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram!!!

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