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Is OnePlus Nord Tempting You to Buy?

OnePlus Nord is coming

July 21

Are you excited about The world’s first AR smartphone launch, the Oneplus Nord release? No doubt, it's fascinating to hear this rather than a simple online launch.

OnePlus Nord has created big hype as OnePlus has always been in premium segment, came at aggressive pricing and such a brand now trying to produce budget friendly smartphone. The company started with OnePlus One model which came at Rs 18,998($299) for the base variant. Because of such aggressive pricing, it was always referred as a Flagship Killer smartphone brand. But, recent OnePlus smartphones have reached Rs 50,000+ segment which is not a good news for a 'flagship killer' brand and hence it's core community user base is not happy with the pricing. So, OnePlus decided to launch OnePlus Nord with 700 series processor instead of flagship 800 series and is trying to give the flagship level features compatible with this processor segment. Hence, the core community users are very much happy, since it is also expected to be priced as OnePlus One i.e., around $299(around Rs22,000). The price tag category of $299 was hinted by co-founder, Carl Pei in his tweet by posting OnePlus One image.

As per all the leaks, OnePlus Nord is expected to have following specifications:

  1. Snapdragon 765G processor having 5G connectivity. 8 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage that shift into high gear.
  2. Quad Rear Camera setup having 48MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide, 5MP depth and 2MP macro sensor. It will also have OIS for superstable videos. The selfie camera comprises of 32MP main camera that can take your cute pic and another 8MP ultrawide camera to take wide angle shots.
  3. 4000mAh battery with 30Watt charging mechanism.
  4. Super-Amoled display with 90Hz refresh rate and 180 Hz touch sampling rate.
  5. Super fluid Oxygen OS.
  6. AR smartphone experience that may grin you like a Cheshire cat.
  7. Other exciting oneplus nord features are a joy to behold.
  8. All these at competitive price of OnePlus One i.e., around Rs 22,000($299)

The hype is so high that the pre-orders are sold out. No doubt that the specs are great, but the question is 'Is OnePlus Nord Tempting You to Buy?' People are having thought that this would be the only best option left in market for Rs 25,000 price category. Its true for today's date as it launches in Rs 25K category. But, in smartphone industry, there is no possibility of monopoly; at-least in current time. Leaks suggest that Samsung's popular A series smartphone is also planned to have flagship camera having OIS in its next version. Similarly, there would be other options available that will compete with Nord. The fact is: 'With Time, Technology will always Improve and Price will always Decrease'.

Hold on! Just a question: is it possible to survive without the above foci?

You might presume - why we are asking these questions since this site itself says No China Products, and you can expect anti-china kind of article only.

When China started provoking India at the border and killed 20 Indian Troops in Ladakh, everybody supported #BoycottChinaProducts which was even Trending on twitter. But on reality, when OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro launched on 15th June, they managed to clear stocks in minutes.

But, there is a reason for writing this article for those who are waiting to buy Nord with bated breath.

1. OnePlus Huge Data Breaches - Big Security Concern

Chinese apps and hardware are known for security concerns and OnePlus is no different from that. Even though it is a premium segment smartphone brand, it has faced huge data breach issues multiple times and leaking sensitive data of it's users including name, address, contact numbers, email etc and the company has admitted it. But, the company didn't disclose number of users affected. For a premium segment device where customers pay hefty amount for its devices, having security flaw like this is really a big concern.

During Nov 2019 data breach, Ethical hacker John Opdenakker points out, "The data potentially stolen, like your name and address can't be easily changed”. Among the risks of this data being exposed, criminals can use this information to create phishing mails that appear legit, he says. He also warns, the kind of information stolen can also be abused to impersonate you and gain access to other accounts.

Another data breach during January 2018 caused stealing of credit card information of 40,000+ OnePlus Customers. So, data breaches are not new to OnePlus, it's very much often for them. The data breach issues are even exposed by forbes article.

2. It is difficult for Indian Start-ups to pit against OnePlus and Survive in the Industry

Before, we would like to highlight Some Interesting Facts About Indian Mobile Market

  1. India is the second-largest mobile market, ahead of the US with over 400 million smartphone users whereas China leads in terms of the number of users.
  2. India is the second-largest smartphone market after China, in 2019 158 million smartphones were shipped to India. Out of which, Chinese manufacturers shipped 113 Million (11.3 crore) mobiles.
  3. Chinese smartphone brands – Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Oneplus accounts have a 73% market share in India, while rest is taken by Samsung, Asus, Apple, Google and others.

Yes, Chinese smartphone brands acquired 73% Market share in India and as per Q3 2019 Indian Premium Mobile Market share, Oneplus has a 35% market share, followed by Samsung 23% and Apple with 22% market share.

Source: candytech
Source: candytech

If you look at the market share of OnePlus in China, it's just 1.25%. Isn't that shocking?

Source: gizmochina

Just imagine, OnePlus logs ₹1,500 crore revenue in Diwali season 2019

What it does say is OnePlus earning huge from Indian Market, and if you look at the growth, it is tremendous.

OnePlus is ahead of the pack and there are more corners of the Smartphone market. Competition in the Indian Smartphone business is cut-throat. If we keep supporting OnePlus release and make them rich day by day, it is not an easy job for Indian companies to get something off the ground and smooth sailing is a very long shot.

3. China using Money Power to tackle India globally

When Chinese soldiers killed Indian soldiers, India Bans 59 Chinese Apps having Security Concern, which incurred huge loss to China, giving a very strong message: "Don't count your chickens before the eggs have hatched"

As China failed to make more noise at the border, they are back to the drawing board again using their money power to tackle India globally.

1. Nepal being controlled like a Puppet

With the motto - Neighborhood First, India always helped and supported Nepal in many circumstances. They are very good friends since historical days. But suddenly, Nepal started with a border dispute and started claiming Indian territories as Nepal's territories. They even claimed Sri Rama as a Nepali, not Indian.

This is all because of China controlling Nepal at the back by donating huge money. When China is a business centric Nation then how can China invest something in Nepal without expecting anything?

Knowingly or unknowingly, NEPAL is going against India but in the future, Nepal is going to pay for an arm and a leg, that is a different thing.
But this is all because of MONEY, China is able to take someone to the cleaners easily.

2. Using Pakistan to increase Terrorism in India

Daily, we used to watch news saying Indian Soldiers killed X terrorists, civilians being targeted by terrorists, and so on.

How can Pakistan being economically challenged country can counter against INDIA and keep sending terrorists to continue raising terrorism activities at the border?
Not only that, China even supporting globally to Pakistan, whenever India reports to WHO regarding terrorism related issues. Again, it is all because of China's MONEY power.

Why should we support Chinesse companies to grow when they are acting as a enemy Nation?

3. India is more dependent on China

Of course, India has developed a more dependency on China. As reported by Indiatoday,

  • Unofficial figures put Chinese investments in India at up to $8 billion
  • Chinese investments in Indian startup firms are pegged at around $5.5 billion
  • As in 2018, India imported about $68 billion (50,94,97,82,00,000.00 Indian Rupee), while it exports about $16.32 billion.
  • It means that India's dependency on China is $52 billion (Rs 38,96,15,98,00,000).

It clearly says that we should reduce our dependency on CHINA and INDIA should start producing on its own or at-least it should not support an enemy Nation and should check for alternative. Recently, India gave a call to Atmanirbhar Bharat (vocal for local), to reduce the dependency and become self-reliant. Hence, we Indians have the responsibility to help the country achieve this mission and let us not go down the drain.

Finally, it is up to you whether you should go ahead buying the OnePlus Nord. It is just our attempt to twist someone’s arm and make them use Indian products, or atleast Non-Chinese Products during this crucial situation created by China.

What do you think?

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